This is to test the blog


52 Responses to “Testing”

  1. Termagant2 Says:

    Looks fine to me, but then so is the other one. Whatever will spread the grease of efficiency on your stubbled path, Miss Snark.


  2. snarkling Says:

    do we get to query you here? *ducks as KY leaps snarling for throat*

  3. Molly Maguire Says:

    I think a searchable blog is supremely important given how many people submit a variation of the same five questions over and over.

  4. Trix Says:

    Searchable is great — but it’s not going to allow us to search the old site. Is it possible to import the old posts from BlogSpot? (Sounds like a major headache.)

    I find I’m using the free version of LiveJournal more and more — it’s another one you could consider.

  5. MJ Says:

    This is a good website and the search engine is very important, but the posts in the old website will be lost. Would it be possible – and this will take extremely long – for someone to get those posts on this website? Of course the snarkives are great too, but having it all in one place will probably make things easier for you and searchers.


  6. Rhonda Says:

    I agree – seems nice to me. I, too, hope the old posts won’t be lost…I can’t imagine the fun in copying/pasting that stuff over here, though…UGH!

  7. m.g.tarquini Says:

    It is possible to import old blogger posts. Miss Snark? You might want to appeal to word press literate snarklings, of which I am not one, for help.

    (I mean, I’m a snarkling, just not word press literate)

  8. Bonnie Says:

    The default theme isn’t spiffy enough. Miss Snark needs a kickass theme!

    WordPress.com used to be able to import Blogger posts and comments but it doesn’t look as if they’re offering that feature now.

    That feature is available to those using WordPress on their own sites (with their own webhosts). You could import everything much more easily on your own site. The hard part would be categorizing all the posts.

    Another plus with hosting your own site: you could fiddle with templates all you want, and have a wider variety of templates from which to choose. See here and here.

  9. Gretchen Says:

    Searchable – yes! I keep making mental notes about where to find really valuable information on your blog, but they keep getting buried under mental papers and covered by mental coffee stains on my mental desk.

    I do worry about access to the Snarkives and whether it will be possible to search them…Miss Snark, your wisdom is a treasured resource and I want to be sure we keep every stilleto puncture and KY tooth mark.

  10. onegirlsopinion Says:

    Miss Snark, You can easily import the info from your blogger site into your brand new wordpress blog. It’s so simple even a techno-nitwit like myself could do it. There is a function on the dashboard

    C’mon over! You’ll like it here.

  11. Ranter Mom Says:

    This looks good, and the ability to search makes it even more impressive. If there isn’t a person (or time) available to bring over the archives, perhaps leave the Blogger site up, make an announcement that the site is closed with a link here and then not allow the ability to add comments.

    Just my two pennies.

  12. Sha'el, Princess of Pixies Says:

    the font size in the posts appears to be very small, at least as they appear on my computer. Can this be changed?

  13. ril Says:

    There’s no option to preview a comment before submitting it? I like to proof my comments before committing. Do the formatting tags like italic work?

  14. ril Says:

    OK – the tags do work. But I would like to be able to preview the comment before publishing it… Anyone know if that’s a hidden function somewhere?

  15. Nobody Says:

    Where are the unicorns?

  16. unohoo Says:

    I’m all for any site that’s searchable through key words and blog titles. Would you be able to move the archive over and would wordpress assist? If so, it could take a huge burden off of Miss Adventure.

  17. mckoala Says:

    Searchable would be awesome. But, as said above, your archives are so mighty that if the transfer would mean losing them it’s a high price to pay…

  18. bonnie Says:

    In WordPress, a plugin is all that is required to allow previewable comments, at least on your own, hosted site. That feature isn’t offered yet at WordPress.com. It might be available on one of the offered themes, though. I’d have to look through them all and see.

    Woo hoo! It looks like they brought back the Blogger Import feature, though! Miss Snark, it’s in the Dashboard under “Import”.

  19. Lizzy Says:

    “Nobody Says:
    Where are the unicorns”

    Hey, that’s my line.

  20. Mechanic Says:

    “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

  21. Mechanic Says:

    hehe…nice required mail address.

  22. dingosatemybaby Says:

    Actually it would be much more convenient for us if we could just come watch you work. It would save all this pesky reading.

  23. tribe Says:

    Bonnie, while plug ins are available for WordPress…they can’t be used when you’re blogging on the free site…I think you have let the folks who maintain the site know that you’d like this or that plug-in and then they consider it.

  24. Scott Says:


  25. Aurora Says:

    Hey, this looks good, and it will let me comment unlike the old place!

  26. Douglas Says:

    I am surprised that there aren’t any offers to help her Snarkiness run her own WordPress site at http://www.misssnark.com More skins for the blog, complete control, and a place to install an agent-info wiki.

    I will throw my hat in the ring for that.

    Also, I doubt it works on the wordpress.com system, but here’a a link to importing from Blogger:

    As for wordpress over blogger, I like WordPress.

  27. this is bogus Says:

    I think this is sucky. Too constrained. Doesn’t look as good. Searchable is a nice feature but this site forces a bunch of B.S. and just isn’t as cool. I disagree. Stay where you are! I agree that it’s a drag not to be able to preview site. And why do you have to give an email address. So they can spam you??

  28. literarylife Says:

    After reading your post I moved my blog from blogger to WordPress. I love it. I was able to transfer all my posts over and everything worked seamlessly. I think it would be a good move. By the way, love your site!

  29. Bill Peschel Says:

    Don’t see a problem here that hasn’t been expressed elsewhere (particularly the archives). You’ve established that you’re dispensing advice and don’t care about the look of the site. (The font is scalable, which is a good thing for those of us who don’t want to read 4-point type anymore).

    If you’re happy with it, I’d say go for it.

  30. Bill Peschel Says:

    One thought: you’ll need some protection against comment spam, either the captcha (like at blogger), moderation, or a preview button that has to be used before a comment can be submitted.

  31. Girija Says:

    Yes, yes, yes

    Be good if the archives could be moved or there’ll be same questions popping up. However, you’re not here on a mission to fix the world. Can you link to the old site?

  32. Lizzy Says:

    This font is a bit small.

  33. tribe Says:

    There’s a very good comment spam plug in built into this version of WordPress…further, the guts of WordPress also have the capability to automate a certain degree of moderation, as well as spam that might filter through the cracks.

  34. Kirsten Says:

    I LOVE my wordpress blog. But I’ve never tried blogger.

  35. Kirsten Says:

    bogus, “they” don’t require you email address to spam you. But the WordPress blog owner will be able to see/use it. So you’re in big huge trouble (or not! :-D)) if Miss Snark ever gets out of agenting and launches her body parts enlargement business.

  36. Kathie Says:

    Could be snarkier…but I imagine you haven’t yet applied all the groovy touches???

  37. Ski Says:

    Took some time to load, longer than your current site, but I don’t know if that’s you or me. Bottom line is – you go – we follow.


  38. Liz Jones Says:

    Like the new color scheme. Loads as well as it always has.

    I assume you’ll still do the feed so those of us on livejournal can still read you on our friends pages? If so, great!

    It’s the content *we’re* after. The form should be whatever works best for you.

  39. eden Says:

    With Blogger down today, I think a lot of people are having this same thought. I’m not even linking to my blog w/ this comment b/c what’s the point?

    I dig this one.

  40. Anon Emos Says:

    Blogger is better, more reader and visitor friendly and you CAN search the blog from the top bar.

  41. beth Says:

    I’ve had a lot of issues with Blogger (when working from a Mac)–I say you should go to whatever site is easier to use and more reliable. I care more about reading what you have to say than looking at the page itself. I agree with Ski: “Bottom line is – you go – we follow.”

  42. Anders Says:

    I say, move. That way, you’ll be able to categorize your posts, so maintaining the index won’t be nearly as much of a hassle.

  43. justherereadingsomeposts Says:

    I think it’d be better a re-organization of the content :/

  44. Nicole J. LeBoeuf-Little Says:

    I personally loathe the navigation mechanism at Blogger–there are no “forward” and “back” buttons, just the list of the ten entries previous to the one you’re reading. In that regard, I find WordPress much improved.

  45. Alistair Nicholson Says:

    I would love this blog in any form. If the lack of a searc is a problem then http://www.technorati.com will let you “claim” your blog and generate the code for a search button that you place in the RHS. Whatever you decide, the collection needs to be together. The response times on your current site are good (I mean that technically).

  46. Anita Says:

    I love your blog but don’t know that I could stand the tiny type. Hpe it could be made bigger.

  47. felixd Says:

    works, definatly works. good luck

  48. Upset Says:

    Where did the comments go on the regular blog?!

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